International Elocution Competition

International Elocution Competition:

MSB Nairobi was amongst the 20 schools that partook in the 2nd Inter-MSB Elocution Competition 2021.
The entire event was held on the 8th and 9th of October with much grandeur at MSB Mumbai; judged by experts in the field and managed by the MSB Idarah.

Students from Year 5 to Year 10 participated in the following categories according to the required criteria:
Short Play
Recitation of Poems
Story Building

To our immense gratification, the students performed with confidence and positivity; they practiced hard and exhibited team spirit.
The event was an overall triumph for MSB Nairobi, resulting in:
1. 1st Position Trophy in the Poetry Category
2. Award for Best Diction in the Short Play category

The win belongs to the entire school; students, staff and parents. We would like to especially thank the parents/guardians for their support and hope for the same (and more) in all future school events.

  • Centre:MSB Nairobi
  • Date:29 Oct,2021

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