YEAR 11 GEOGRAPHY- River Fieldwork report

YEAR 11 GEOGRAPHY- River Fieldwork report:

On the 28th of October 2021, a field study was organized at Karura River for the Year 11 students. They were accompanied by their Geography teacher Ms. Veronica and Janab Shk. Abdulqadir Rampurawala.The Karura River is located in the outer suburb of Nairobi, approximately 18km from Karen.
The trip was guided by well-outlined requirements from the Pearson fieldwork guide. Studying the aspects of a river in actuality (in person) provides a means of contextualizing students’ learning and contributing to students’ cognitive development, enabling them to understand the relationships between groups of geographical factors and acquire a range of skills that are difficult to develop in the classroom alone. The trip was successful as the laid-out objectives were achieved.

  • Centre:MSB Nairobi
  • Date:28 Oct,2021

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